Loads of great examples

Over the past 10 years in business I have worked with some amazing companies and to be honest there are too many highlights to add into my website.  From new brand launches and new set up companies to clients preparing to sell their business I have had many laughs along the way.  As well as having amazing business experiences, I have also been blessed to hear about family celebrations and have shed a tear when they have lost a family member.   Being on our clients journey means that i get to walk with them along their paths!

Sally and Stewart bought their Christchurch Motel in 2019. Who could have then predicted that less than 3 months later the world would be facing a pandemic and international traffic would grind to a stop. I started working with the motel mid 2020, after having loads of fun chats about the state of the nation. During this time I have helped increase the rates, set up Google Advertising and worked alongside Sally as she conquers the dynamics of social media. There have been plenty of stories about our grandchildren and the night that Teddy was born I was at the motel trying to unlock Stewart's car (instead of the right car) All of this happening whilst Sally was watching on the surveillance TV.

12 months later our team has re-jigged their Logo, created a stunning new website and continue to help drive their business forward into the future. Sally and I set monthly roadmaps and plans and as the accommodation landscape continues to change we continue to adapt.