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I help businesses map out their business and marketing plan

I can help you zoom your business into the fast lane, or help you navigate being in cruise mode and enjoying the ride!  We all have our own path and I am happy to sit in the passenger car and drive with you.  (yes I love the metaphors) 

Together let's us turn your business idea into an effective Road Map.

Often I find people are struggling where to take their business and they need to get clear on what their actual goals are and what they want to do.  It can be hard when you are working in your business to get a clear vision.  I can help by being your sounding board, and helping you navigate the road to success (no matter how it looks for you.)

Answer me this? Are you frustrated that you just can't see the direct path - the path to all those elusive clients? 

Do you just wish that someone could wave a magic wand, see in your head and your business and give you an intuitive marketing and business roadmap.

How amazing would it be to know exactly where to head - where to detour and where to stop for a break! 

Imagine how the views would be if you had it all laid out for you! 

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Where are you taking your business? What help do you need?

Starting your journey

Starting your journey

Knowing who to talk to when starting your business journey can be a bit like walking barefoot on a pebbly beach!

You know that you want to get to the water but you have a few jagged stones to step over. With over 10 years in business I am here to help you put all the pieces together and help you plan for your new business. And it's fun to create a business and marketing plan with someone who has walked the path that you want to go on.

It's time to plan
On the Road - one on one session

On the Road - one on one session

The On the Road session has been designed to create a full 1 hour planning session discussing your business and your vision.

Based on the information that is gathered pre the meeting, our discussion via Zoom and then the follow up report that is created just for your business we will be able to set up the foundation for a Road Map on your business and marketing journey.

Based on the report you can then go off and tick off the tasks, or we can work together on your plan.

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On the Road - together

On the Road - together

Our on the road together monthly sessions are a fun way to learn as a group. Think of it as being on a bus ride with a fun group of like minded entrepreneurs that you can learn from and bounce ideas off.

The session will start with a marketing masterclass from Lynne @GrowOrange, and will offer fresh new ideas, some business coaching and will include the occasional guest entrepreneur sharing advice, tips and hacks you need to up-skill in business

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So you want to start a new business

No matter what the reason is for starting a new business there is a sense of excitement and fear - both surging through your veins at the same time. How do I know this.... well after 10 years in business I still get those feelings. The thrill of being in business is that it never goes away. The underlying current is PASSION!

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Happy New Year 2022 is buzzing with potential.

Happy New Year 2022 is buzzing with potential.

There is so much to be thankful for

Looking through the lens of life we can get clarity on what is important to us. We get to filter out the crap, and focus on the positive and exciting. On the eve of a New Year best wishes to all my amazing friends and family. May the photographs of your memories stay firmly in your heart, and you capture many more exciting experiences.

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Getting marketing ready for the business highway

Getting marketing ready for the business highway

New Car or Old Car?

I follow many Facebook business group pages and find it both interesting and frustrating! Too many people like to jump on board with answers and advice that can be confusing and in my opinion - simply wrong. If you don't know how to design don't waste your time designing your website, focus on your new business.

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Had to pass on some positive feedback for you

Had to pass on some positive feedback for you. One of our regulars who always books online came in last night and was singing the praises of our new website- saying how nice it looked and how much easier it was to actually complete a booking – well done and thank you so much!!!

We love getting feedback like this!

Thanks Lynne - We appreciate all work you do to support our new business

We have systems in place to follow up with our clients

Great auto follow up, if I wasn’t already using your services I’d be encouraged to do so !